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Kenscoff Haiti
FortJacques 18 #56

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1830  NW 175th street  Miami Gardens FL33056

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Platina Cars and Trucs your Ideal Dealer

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If looking for a car and you don't have enough money come to  us  for all kind of model .

Good credit bad credit  you are welcome  

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Platina Cars and Trucks 

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For this month we have a lot of Chrismas gift you used but like new  Call 9548265852 


If you have your business you need a spot or jungle come we are ready for you too .

Always Special deals

Special Dodge Charger for you guys

Special Dodge Charger for you guys         954 8265852


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We  trade , we finance , we Speak  Haitian Creole ,, French , Spanish , English , 

Always on the AIR with a lot of good news for you

We are always OPEN for you 

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Yon Fanm vanyan nan mizik ayisie'n lan

We are Open for all Kind of services you'll need  specially night and days.

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It's was long History But praise God then so Happy everything is coming true 

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Urgence des Radios


Petion-Ville Fermathe , FortJacques 18 a #75 

509 41008787 /  509 46980325

Radio Urgence

1830 NW 175th street Miami Garden FL, Miami Gardens, FL 33056,

50946980325 / (305)8964966